“Louise and her methods for defining and establishing ‘Personal Brand’ provided not only a great result but an enjoyable journey of self discovery. Defining personal attributes and values and then crystallising them into a distinctive set of messages provided a sense of purpose for myself and my company. Louise possesses the skill and knowledge to bring out the essence of oneself and create clarity of purpose which had an immediate and lasting impact on our engagement and communication with clients and the communities we work with.  Thank you Louise.”  Stephen Parry, President, See Business Differently

“Louise facilitated a brand-id workshop for me and my team. She is highly knowledgeable and self-confident. Yet she shows great humility and a good measure of humor. She has a way to call the elephant in the room without offending anyone and this opens up the much-needed space to address issues which my otherwise not easily surface.  I will sure work with her anytime again!”  Dr Salome van Coller-Peter, Programme Designer & Manager MPhil in Management Coaching University of Stellenbosch Business School

“Louise is at the forefront of people development through personal brand leadership as well as being a natural & gifted coach. Her commitment to excellence is what sets her apart from her peers for me, and an unwavering attitude to continuous improvement. She also has a great sense of humour necessary I believe in the corporate paradigm. I recommend Louise to take you and your team to a more aware level.”  Mark Fraser-Grant, Siyadala People Development, Johannesburg

“Louise has the uncanny knack of knowing exactly where to go in a session that speaks specifically to my needs at that particular time and causes the maximum shift.  Every time I had a predetermined idea that we were going to down a particular track, she surprised me by asking just the right question that took us into exactly the discussion we needed to have.  Her shifts of me in the shortest of times have been nothing short of amazing.  She combines intuition and expertise in the most powerful of ways.” Gina Hayden, Sphere Consulting, Johannesburg / London

“When I met Louise, my business was scattered, and my confidence in myself and in my business were dropping very fast. The calm and confident way that she had, created a space for me to be vulnerable, and to acknowledge what was going wrong without feeling judged. I have crossed many terror barriers that I had built for myself, that kept me imprisoned in a business that was not working.  Through her Brand Coaching process that is so structured and meticulous, I have my ‘mojo’ back, and my business is completely inspiring and fulfilling. My clients are reaping the benefits. If you are looking for meaningful transformation and growth for self and your business, she is the right person to talk to.” Queen Ramotsehoa, Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy, Johannesburg

“Louise is an exceptional individual who is able to identify how someone can build their strengths into an effective and meaningful career. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking to better understand themselves and what they are capable of.” Sophie de Schwarzburg-Gunther, Business Development Director, Halpern, London

“Louise is a very talented and original coach, personal branding specialist and speaker. She has been featured in several relevant publications and I recently even read a high-profile feature of her in the Financial Times! She is personable and charming and very easy to work with.” Pier Paolo Mucelli, Founder/CEO eOffice, London

“Mowbray by Design put together a programme to address our issues and the results have been extraordinary. Not only have our clients and the market responded in the way that we had hoped for, our people are highly motivated.” Managing Director, Finance Sector, London

“Louise’s Personal Brand expertise is unrivaled in the industry, and she is an inspiration to colleagues and clients for both her achievements and her vision.” Jennifer Aston, Owner Aston+Hayes, London

“Like a light going on, and I have to say with some pretty tough love, Louise brought me an entirely fresh and dynamic approach to my work, as a writer and expert in a very specialised yet competitive field.” Vivienne Becker, Jewellery Expert, Author & Writer, London

“Louise manages to see through all of the day-to-day issues and extract the elements that are having an impact on your success. She has a fresh and engaging approach and is direct and to the point. I have worked with Louise over the past year in person and over the phone – not only has my public profile improved, but so have my earnings.” Director, Investment Bank, New York

“Three things have happened – I am now in great demand as a speaker on the international circuit, I feel in control of my business and where we are heading, and most importantly, we have turned the corner financially.” Owner, global consultancy & Lecturer at MIT

“Louise assisted my recruitment agency in the visual image and positioning of the company’s brand, within the marketplace. She has an innate understanding of any business, its audience, its operations, any topic, any sector! She has an immediate vision and gets the bigger picture, where, what and how the direction should be driven. Mowbray by Design has been an effective consultancy and Louise’s services intricate towards the ongoing success of LJW Recruitment.” Lynda Weatherhead, Founder/MD, LJW Recruitment, London/Geneva

“Louise has revived my career and my income and I feel in control for the first time.” UK Sporting Personality

“Louise explains in very simple terms how to view the world through other’s eyes – and thence observe the changes necessary in oneself to deliver the kind of recognition we all deserve.” Global Editor, Publishing, London

“I have known Louise in a professional setting since 2000 and have again and again been impressed by her ability to understand complex situations as well as atypical profiles and to produce or suggest original and out-of-the-box solutions to the needs on hand. Louise is also keenly passionate about what makes people tick and very approachable as well as charismatic. I can highly recommend her services.” Tania Tibaldi, Partner, Triple Eight Ltd, Marrakech

“Louise has two great qualities – the insights and ability to work with artistic personalities and a determination to help people to succeed. And all of this is wrapped up in a lighthearted approach, which manages to kill any resistance before it can set in.” Director, Artist Management Company, London/LA

“Louise was extraordinary in encouraging me to be myself and to see my naturally effusive personality as an asset, not a liability. What Louise offers is sound advice, and an honest and original approach based on her own wide experience. I found it liberating, energising and most of all great fun.” Novelist, Author of twelve books, UK